Puzzled by contradictory information regarding diet and exercise?

Not sure which foods you should eat, which exercise regime you should follow to prevent or treat a particular condition?

You’ve come to the right place

Know What To Eat, the website, complements the book (a comprehensive guide to achieving a healthy lifestyle) by expanding on advice given with analysis and explanation of breaking health news. Today substantial scientific evidence shows that in many cases obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer can be prevented and reversed through common changes to lifestyle, specifically stress reduction, diet and exercise. Explaining these changes is what Know What To Eat is all about.

Know What To Eat explains the lifestyle changes needed to prevent and even cure disease.

Contrary to popular belief saturated fat is a healthy source of calories. This is discussed in detail on the page ‘Healthy and Toxic fats’. ‘Carbohydrates and disease’ explains why carbohydrates , especially sugar, are not a healthy source of calories. For general advice visit the recommendations page which also deals with exercise, motivation, stress and coping with illness, along with suggestions on when are the healthiest times to eat. The benefits and science of fasting and calorie restriction is discussed in ‘Calorie Restriction’. To understand how human metabolism evolved and the impact it has on modern health issues visit the ‘Evolution’ page.

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