Know What To Eat explains the lifestyle changes needed to prevent and even cure disease.

Substantial scientific evidence shows that in many cases obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other diseases can be prevented or reversed by changing our lifestyles, specifically by stress reduction, dietary refinement and exercise. Explaining these changes is what Know What To Eat is all about.  There is plenty of information you really need to know, for example most tumours have an absolute requirement for glucose (so their formation and growth can be prevented on a low carbohydrate diet), Type 2 Diabetes can also be reversed with a low carbohydrate diet with regular exercise (this re-sensitises the cells of the body to insulin). Omega 6 fat, found in most vegetable oils is particularly bad for your health.

Chronic inflammation is the common denominator in the initiation and progression of many of these diseases and in the Recommendations section we offer a wealth of information on how to remedy this condition. Here is a breakdown of the Recommendations menu:

Exercise‘ explains the benefits of exercise and describes the minimum, optimum and maximum activity healthy individuals and those recovering from illness should undertake to gain those benefits.

Stress Reduction‘ explains how chronic stress stimulates chronic inflammation and how it can be minimised, with exercise, diet, meditation, good sleep and most importantly by dealing with the issues that are causing you stress.

Fasting and Calorie Restriction‘  explains the benefits and science of fasting and calorie restriction and how they can be realised by those suffering from various disease conditions.

Cut Down on Carbohydrate’ explains why refined carbohydrates, especially sugar, are not a healthy source of calories.

Healthy fats and Cholesterol’ Contrary to popular belief saturated fat is a healthy source of calories. Cholesterol is also an important part of a healthy diet.

Protein requirements‘ explains just that…how much and which type of proteins are healthiest to consume.

Micronutrients‘ details the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required in a healthy diet.

Digestive health and probiotics‘ discusses how many illnesses stem from an unhealthy digestive system, and how that may be remedied with probiotics and diet.

Other sections of our website:

Evolution‘ To understand how human metabolism evolved and the impact it has on modern health issues visit the  page.

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It is a joy to read, such an exquisite blend of hard science and common sense…. informs the reader precisely how to Know What to Eat” Professor Chris Rhodes, Editor of the journal Science Progress.

a veritable tour de force”  Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, Past President of the Royal College of Physicians.

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