Fasting and calorie restriction

Throughout history different civilisations have reported the spiritual and intellectual benefits of fasting. Now we have scientific proof of the wisdom of our ancestors.

Through the last 3 millenia observant physicians have noted the association of inappropriate diets with increased incidence of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and over the past 300 years doctors in the UK observed that overeating increased the incidence of these diseases.

Anthropological studies of the Inuit culture in the mid-nineteenth century revealed that humans can survive and thrive in the virtual absence of dietary carbohydrate. In the 1960s Cahill revealed the flexibility of human metabolism in response to partial and total starvation and demonstrated that type 2 diabetics were better adapted than healthy subjects to conserving protein during fasting.

Calorie restriction, fasting and low carbohydrate diets all have proven health benefits including improved energy metabolism, regeneration of the nervous system, healthy weight loss with preservation of muscle mass and reduction in age-related dementia.

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