‘Statins do not prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol’

Statin therapy is a dangerous shotgun approach with the potential to reduce the body’s production of many essential molecules in addition to cholesterol and Co-enzyme Q10. Long term use can impair physical activity and increase diabetes type 2 , dementia and heart failure risk. The notion that all healthy over 50s should take statins to prevent heart disease is a monumental miscarriage of medical advice and should be fearlessly opposed by all right thinking scientists.

Statins do not prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol, but by reducing inflammation and arterial calcification. Unfortunately the toxic side affects of statins, such as memory and energy loss are under reported.

Here are more risks associated with lowering LDL cholesterol:

1. Depression

2. Increased suicide risk

3. Polyneuropathy: irreversible nerve damage with the loss of sensory and motor functions.

4. High risk of cancer mortality , especially in hyper-responders to statins, where the drop in LDL cholesterol is very rapid.

5. Increased mortality in patients with heart failure.

6. The healthy foetus requires a rich source of LDL cholesterol  from the maternal blood. Statins can cause severe birth defects if taken during the first trimester of the pregnancy. There is a greater risk in the UK where no prescription is needed and a woman may obtain statins and then become pregnant without seeing a doctor for several weeks.

7. Cholesterol is crucial for neuronal growth and maintenance. Low LDL-cholesterol is associated with an increased risk of Parkinson’s Disease.

8. High LDL-cholesterol is associated with improved health in the elderly.

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